Double wall flute glass

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The recommended champagne temperature is 8 - 10 Celsius (45-50 Fahrenheit). 
With these, the hands won't be in touch with the champagne. Also, a temperature barrier is created thanks to the separation between the 2 layers of glass. This helps to keep the champagne colder for way longer time than a regular champagne glass.  
  • Good for keeping the temperature cold for longer
  • Beautiful and stylish to use in any type of high-end bars
  • Great gift option
  • This special glassware is hand blown
  • Hand wash it and give it love

Please note that the rim is thicker than normal due to the double layer aspect of the glass. Also that this is a handmade product and some slight differences might appear between glasses. 


  • Mouth: 5 cm diam.
  • Tall: 19 cm
  • Capacity: 115 ml
  • Weight: 150 grams

Delivery time: 16-26 days to the USA.

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