Polyscience Smoking gun

  • Fast and Easy to use: 
    The Smoking Gun food smoker quickly and easily adds natural smoke flavor and aroma to foods and bar creations 

  • Built with high-quality materials:
    Works indoors and outside, with various types of smoking chips, teas, herbs, spices, even hay and dried flowers

  • Very portable - Easy storage:
    Only 500 grams weight

  • Used by several bar masters around the globe:
    Featured as great product in several magazines

    Extraction from WIRED.COM

    "In and Around"

    "I went to see bartender Jamie Boudreau of the high-end Canon bar in Seattle, and there on the front corner of the bar sat his Smoking Gun. For Boudreau, there are two ways to smoke a drink: in and around. "In is for flavor more than aroma—you get a smokiness in the mouth," he says. To do this, he pours the booze in a decanter with smoke and gives it a quick shake. "I lean toward the darker spirits. Clear spirits like gin are more delicate, and the smoke can overtake the drink."

    He keeps this in mind making his Khaleesi cocktail. Boudreau brings a glass skull full of tea smoke to the table, adds a mix of Punt e Mes, Blanton's single-barrel bourbon, and some other lovely ingredients, gives it a quick shake, and pours immediately. Just two shakes, he says—more than that, and you risk the smoke overpowering the drink.

    For the "around technique", he pipes smoke into a clear smoking box, inundating either the glass or the entire drink in the terrarium-like cube: he smoked a Manhattan with strawberry tea using this method in front of us."

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