Soda Siphon - 1000ml - Glass

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Soda Siphon - 1000ml - Glass - Golden Age Bartending

Soda Siphon - 1000ml - Glass

Product Description

How to use:
Just insert one CO2 cartridge, screw the cap, press the trigger and enjoy perfectly carbonated liquids.

  • Add teas, herbs, bitters and create your own crafted sodas. Handcraft each ingredient in your cocktails and up-sell easily.
  • Or impress the judges at the next bar competition.

  • Easy to use
  • Rubber bottom to avoid scratches in surfaces
  • Easy to wash (hand wash)
  • Thick and resistant glass to keep the pressure and the CO2 in your soda for long.
  • Aluminum mesh for extra flair and protection.

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