About Us

Who are we? Our Story...

After years of working as a bar consultant and spending thousands of $$$ on equipment...

Pablo Toledo (one of our founders) realized that there wasn't any online shop in 2011 offering interesting bartender accessories plus good quality bar equipment. He and his wife then wanted to bring that to the bar consultants and managers. 

Golden Age Bartending (GAB) was founded by 2 serious bartenders: 

Lu Lu, Ex Bar Manager in Shanghai and Dubai, and Pablo Toledo, bar consultant also in Shanghai, Dubai plus US. Opening several bars a year for investors.

In GAB, we offer what we consider the best options on bar and coffee tools for day to day working. So, if you have a home bar, know that our tools are used in professional working environments.

Our focus is in quality, design and price and our range of products shows it.

We humbly thank to our thousands of clients from all around the world. You keep recommending us and we keep expanding.

In these 10 years, we delivered 10000+ orders to all around the globe, and every day we are sending more.

Thanks to these, we created a community of over 30.000 people from all corners of the world. We are grateful for every client. We also have the best people as our customer service team so there is nothing to worry about.

No problem ends unsolved with Golden Age Bartending.

     Where are we?

Our company is located in Wyoming, USA, but we deliver from our warehouse in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. In this way we can offer the best quality at a fair price + Our founder bartending career was built in Shanghai. 

We have straight contact with factories in Guangzhou, so our prices for big quantities plus our delivery options are top notch for bar and F&B investors.

Contact us for any question, or more info on our products.
We'll be happy to hear from you!

Contact number: +1 210 544 5467