Mixing Glass Yarai - Premium

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Mixing Glass Yarai - Premium - Golden Age Bartending

Mixing Glass Yarai - Premium

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The glass has a 580ml capacity, with plenty of room for ice and ingredients. The thick, tempered glass with its weave pattern gives fantastic grip and durability. What's more, the thick glass has fantastic thermo-dynamic properties. Keep it in the freezer and it will effectively chill cocktails while allowing you maximum control over dilution. The thickness ensures maximum insulation and keeps drinks at a perfectly cool temperature.

Bartenders who use this glass not only look professional - and classy - but also reveal how conscious they are of the thermo-dynamic aspects of modern mixology.

Words by: Chloe Randall from "CLASS Magazine".

Length: 15cms. Ø 9cms.
Capacity: 58OML

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